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 Just a Quick Break
Lalli Hotakainen
 Posted: Apr 14 2017, 07:56 AM
by: Brock
Don't mind him. He's never very good company.

April 14, 2017

Did his creator even care? Look at what had happened! First the ghosts, then Tuuri. Tuuri! Lalli was glad she was still there, but this scene-switching the writer was doing was almost worse. It left him in limbo, and that was the last place Lalli wanted to be. Onni's situation wasn't changing. Everyone found that out on the previous page of the comic. And the characters there might not know why, but the readers sure did by now, so why wasn't the writer focusing on Tuuri?!

Lalli huffed and pulled the hood of his jacket up. The library wasn't colder than the climates Lalli came from, so he didn't need the warmth, only the security.

He had walked from his computer through the lobby and into the books' room. It was the safest way to get near the comics without passing other genres. But Lalli didn't approach them. Instead, he crouched in the corner near the cookbooks. It was far enough away that he could see only the outlines of the comic books and shouldn't pose any threat to them, and it kept Lalli well away from the Kids, as Tuuri informed him the children's books were called.

Lalli didn't intend to stay long. He hated being around other people. But for a few minutes, he needed to see the other comics. Did they know how lucky they were? They had a hundred pages published at once, not only four a week. They didn't have to wait and wonder what was next only to find out it was a different scene entirely. They only had to wait for the next book, which might take longer to come out than Lalli's pages did, but then they came out with another hundred pages.

With a sigh, Lalli tucked his hands into his pockets. He needed to get back soon. Though he knew nothing with Tuuri's situation would change, he still didn't want to leave her for too long.

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