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 Jewel Thief
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 01:28 PM
by: Brock
There won't be any pain. Only an eternity together. Come back to me.

Valentine's Day was approaching, and Stanton had many a plan for it. Last year, Serena had made him spend it with her more so that he wouldn't pick on innocent couples than because she was invested in the holiday. Stanton had agreed and had embraced his sweeter side to give Serena a nice Valentine's Day.

However, that meant that this year he got to play with other people to his dark heart's content. He wouldn't limit himself only to couples, either. No, the single, the broken-hearted, and the jaded all made wonderful targets in their own rights. Break them or convert them. Those, as always, were Stanton's goals, and he didn't mind which one happened.

To make up for not spending the holiday with her, Stanton had planned an earlier date for her. To make it perfect, though, he had sent his Followers out to find a book that featured magnificent and unique jewelry. They had returned with their reports last night, and Stanton had decided that one in particular sounded worth a personal investigation.

That was what brought him to the mystery section that night. In shadow form, he flew past the shelves, looking for the author's name. The last name began with an R, and he was in the M's still. Soon they gave way to P's. As Q was an unpopular letter, Stanton knew his first search would end soon and then the real one would begin.

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