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 B. New Member's Guide
 Posted: Sep 8 2015, 12:48 PM
by: Brock
You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.

New Member's Guide

The basic steps from finding the site to your first character's acceptance.

Initial Reading

Before beginning, please check up on the site's rules, plot, FAQ, groups, dictionary, and other guides. If there are any questions, please ask in the cbox (for short questions) or in the help forum (for longer questions). Registered members can also PM a staff member.

First Character

Once you have read over the information, the next step is your character. Register the character's name - first and last unless given otherwise in the novel. We do NOT have OOC accounts here.

Submit an application. If you need time to work on your app, add "WIP" to the topic title or the topic description. Remove it when the application is ready to be reviewed.

Please be sure to link your book in the application. Staff and other members who read the app may not be familiar with the work you selected.

In as timely a manner as possible, a staff member will read your application. If the app is marked as "Pending", then you will need to make the changes staff list.

Don't forget to complete the mini profile.


When your character's application is accepted, staff will move it to the appropriate Published sub-forum. Your next task is to post your three claims. Use the Claiming Thread topic to make all your claims in one convenient location. Failure to make appropriate claims may result in the loss of a play-by or character despite an accepted application. Please post your claims as soon as possible after acceptance.

Welcome to Shelf Space!


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