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 Camping (Johnny)
Dallas Winston
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 08:17 AM
by: Sophie
God, I didn't know you had this problem with, with yelling in my face.

OOC Date: December 2017
IC Date: December 2017

Dally had put together a ton of things for his camping trip with Johnny. He packed one backpack full of food, because if anything, Dally got incredible hungry all the time. Another backpack he packed with essentials, including a first aid kit, water bottles, and various other things for camping. His pocket knife was in his pocket, his cigarettes were in his pocket and an extra pack in the backpack. He put a tent in the back of the truck and headed to Darry's, where JOhnny always was.

It was no secret that Dallas told Johnny he wanted to take him camping. He'd mentioned it that day at breakfast. Well, today was the day, granted it was cold out. They could use a fire, and they'd keep warm. They didn't even have to sleep. They could stay up and watch the fire, or do something that Johnny wanted to do. It didn't matter. What mattered was that Dally got Johnny out of town, thinkign about other things, rather than just trouble and his parents.

He pulled up in front of Darry's and honked until Johnny came out. Darry stood on the porch yelling at him to knock it off, the neighbors would be yelling at him. "Yeah, yeah," Dally muttered, pushing the passenger side door open for Johnny. "Hiya, Johnny! You ready? This is going to be great," Dally said, waving to Darry, putting the truck in drive, and speeding away.

Johnny Cade
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 09:41 AM
by: Brock
If you can picture a little dark puppy that had been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers, you'll have Johnny.

Camping in December? Johnny had never heard of such a thing. He thought people reserved camping only for the warmer months, but what did he know? He was just a city boy. The only time he had been out of their neighborhood was... well, he didn't like thinking about that, no matter how many times he had reenacted it over the last fifteen years.

So Johnny had no idea how camping worked. Maybe December really was a fine month for it. Dally would know, surely. He was smart: perhaps not book-smart like Pony but definitely street-smart and, in Johnny's opinion, worldly. Dally came from New York, which was pretty much as far away as China was. Heck, when you were Johnny, the next town over might as well have been China.

Repeated horn honking brought Johnny back into the Curtis living room. That would be Dally, and sure enough, Darry's response to the driver confirmed it. Johnny picked up his bag and followed Darry out the front door. With a word from Darry about being safe and not letting Dally do anything foolish, Johnny walked down the steps, out the gate, and to the truck.

"Hi, Dal." Johnny climbed in and set his bag at his feet. "I guess so." He was as ready as he could get, anyway. Spending some time with Dally was about the greatest treat Johnny could conjure up, even if it did unsettle his nerves from time to time. "Thanks for takin' me."

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