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 Sodapop Curtis, 16 | Pens | The Outsiders
Sodapop Curtis
 Posted: Feb 9 2017, 05:38 PM
by: Brock
Soda never touches a drop—he doesn‘t have to. He gets drunk on just plain living. And he understands everybody.

Sodapop Patrick Curtis



Sodapop Patrick Curtis
a.k.a. "Soda" or,
rarely now, "Pepsi-Cola
Character Age

Sixteen and a half

S.E. Hinton
Here Since


Face Claim

Rob Lowe (1980s)

Played by Brock in GMT -5.


Soda has relived the same few months of his life over and over again for the last fifteen years. The familial strife. The brotherly misunderstandings. The close-knit friendship of their gang. The anger towards the Socs. The pain of more losses than Soda cares to count. And each time he relives it, it's just as heart-wrenching as the first time he experienced it. The curse of being a classic book: constant re-reads keep the wounds fresh and bleeding. At least, they do in Soda's case.

Very little has changed in Soda's life over the last decade and a half. While he's learned more about himself, his friends, and the world at large, he's still a sixteen-year-old in body and in spirit. Hormones rage, energy abounds. He lives, he laughs, he loves, and he repeats it all again the next day.


As all the gangs did with all the new books, when Soda's copy of The Outsiders arrived in Stonewood Public Library, members of the Anecdotes paid them a visit and tried to recruit them into their group. Gangs were familiar to Soda's crew. Although their own group wasn't a structured gang, like Shepard's outfit was, they certainly knew how such gangs could work. Dally was especially familiar with it, and he signed up pretty quickly. Darry and Johnny stayed out of it.

However, convinced by the Anecdotes as much as by Steve, Soda joined. He wanted to do his part to protect his book and, more importantly, his friends. A lover of fights, he knew the Anecdotes were one way he could get that kind of high regularly. In addition, the prospect of seeing new places--even new worlds--excited him.

As many books don't stick around for over a decade, Soda is, by now, one of the older, more experienced Anecdotes. Or, if not one of the older, then at least somewhere in the middle. What that means for him in terms of expectations, though, depends on who is doing the expecting.



Steve, Two-Bit (both wanted), Johnny, Dally


Darry, Ponyboy (wanted)


Sandy...kind of


Socs, especially Bob.


He's on good terms with other Greasers, like Tim Shephard, but they don't hang out together much.

Open to making all sorts of friends.

Searching for...

Ponyboy, Steve, Two-Bit


"Soda? You okay?"

Soda laid on his side in the bed they shared, facing away from his younger brother. "'Course I'm okay, Pony. When ain't I?"

He didn't turn around to face Ponyboy, so Ponyboy rolled onto his side to look at him. "You know plen'y'a times you ain't been okay, Soda."

Soda knew exactly what his brother meant. At least losing his horse Mickey Mouse had been a one-time ordeal. So had losing their parents. But reliving the events in their book all the time...that was difficult.

"Is is about Sandy?" Pony asked when Soda didn't speak.

Soda's heart lurched to a stop, and he steeled his gaze as much as he could. Growing up on the East Side taught a guy how to do that early on in his life. But keeping a mask up around Ponyboy was difficult, especially when thinking about Sandy.

Pony slung his arm around Soda, just like Soda always did for him when he was cold or upset.

"I know you love her, Soda, but I wish you'd find someone else to love instead. Someone outside the book, or even some middle-class girl our author didn't write in. Someone sweet and out of all this Soc/Greaser stuff. You deserve to be happy, and maybe that girl'll get ya over Sandy once and for all."

"When did you become the big brother?" Soda joked with faint chuckle despite himself.

"When you started soundin' like a bawlin' baby," Pony teased right back. Soda had only sniffed a little. He hadn't shed a tear yet that night.

Soda's smile slipped from his face as his attention turned toward Pony's advice.

"I wish I could. Fall for other girls, I mean. But Sandy's the one, ya know? Right from the start I knew I'd marry her."

Pony grinned gently. "I don't think I'll ever understand wantin' to get married at sixteen."

"Good thing you don't gotta understand it."

Pony was silent for a second.

"You know that line Johnny always has to say to me in the hospital? About sixteen years not bein' long enough?"

Soda nodded. He hated thinking about their plots, because in most ways they were all so tragic, but this particular point had to be worse for Pony to remember.

"Well, we've been in this library for...what? Fifteen years? Fifteen years is long enough for you to be breakin' over Sandy."

"I know," Soda agreed. "It sounds ridiculous, don't it? Why, if we weren't in a book, I'd be almost 32 by now and still pinin' over Sandy. But it's different being in the same year over and over."

Soda felt Pony nod against his shoulder. He knew what that was like without Soda having to explain it.

"Still," Pony said, "I wish you'd find some other girl."

"I've wanted to marry Sandy outside'a the plot, ya know? But she didn't want that. She says it sure breaks her up to see me in pieces all the time, but..." His throat tightened.

Pony finished his sentence for him. "But it doesn't break her up enough to make her love you as much as you love her."

A tear broke through Soda's mask. A second soon followed. In another moment, Soda was wrapped in Ponyboy's hug.

Aranea Serket
 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 06:17 PM
As an ancient and learned scholar, I'm versed in a wide range of unusual phenomena.


Hi there Brock! I just wrote this on Dally's plotter, but I adore the Outsiders and would love to plot with all of you! I can see these two being odd friends. The reason I say this is because they have similar ideals. While Aranea is somewhat socially awkward and relies on her intellect to get her by, both Soda and Aranea have experienced pain and heartbreak. I can definitely see her attempt to reach out to him through kindness, and though there's an element of trust that would be missing whenever these two interact, it would still be fun to play with, and I can see them turning out to get along somewhat well. Aranea grows tired or reenacting her story over and over again, so perhaps they could strike a conversation over their views on this matter?
Aranea Serket
 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 08:05 PM
As an ancient and learned scholar, I'm versed in a wide range of unusual phenomena.


I'll totally start a thread! I can understand the lack of trust, but Aranea is naturally empathetic. So, in running into him, she'll probably notice something is up and attempt to strike up a conversation about it. Whether she does that for the other party's benefit, I have no clue, as in canon, whenever she manipulates Jake into talking about his feelings, it's for the good of her session. I'm sure that she'll see behind underlining meanings, however, and genuinely seek to create some sort of friendship. Is there anywhere you'd prefer for me to start one?

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