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 I. Site Rules & Important Information
 Posted: Sep 8 2015, 01:30 PM
by: Brock
You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.

Site Rules

Our bullet-list rules
  • Read the New Member's Guide and all important information linked there. Then ask any remaining questions you have.

  • This is a site for roleplaying not a site for drama. Issues should be kept off the site.

  • We have a three-strikes policy, after which a member will be banned. In exceptional cases, the staff reserve the right to ban a member before they reach three warning strikes.

  • Do not plagiarize. Do not claim character parts, story events, quotes - anything that was the author's - as your own.

  • Keep our site rating in mind.
This is not an exclusive list, and other important rules and guidelines are detailed below. As we assume most people will abide by common sense and decency, this bullet list is a quick highlight of what rules we believe need to be emphasized The rules are subject to change, and members will be made aware of any updates.

Site Rating

Important Information

The following sections provide details about various aspects of joining and playing. Read all of this information before asking a question, please.

You will find the following topics:

  • Allowed Characters
  • Genres & Sub-genres
  • Registering
  • Faces & Claims
  • Shipper App & Reply Codes
  • Dates for Posts
  • Content & Images
  • Activity

Allowed Characters

Characters must come from one of the following sources:
  • Books, fiction only: All books must be real, published works of fiction.

  • Comics and manga: You may represent these characters with film or animated versions if you like. However, straight film and anime characters are not allowed unless they have an official written work they are based off of or that came about after the movie or anime.

  • Web comics: These are the only non-print media allowed. Web comics must have a dedicated website and following. They cannot be something like a friend's casual hobby that you and only five others read.

Naturally, your characters are allowed to evolve differently based on their experiences in the library, but keep that within what makes sense for their original personality.

Genres & Sub-genres

We have gone by the Fiction portion of this genre map. Not all genres or sub-genres have been included. If a work you wish to use falls in one of those categories, choose the genre most closely related to it.

Important: the "Fiction" genre has been altered for this site to mean "general fiction: stories that take place in a realistic setting and do not have unrealistic elements." These include general romance novels.

It's a long list [Show]


One account per character. No OOC accounts.

Register with your character's name as given in the book.* If the name is quite long (three middle names, a title...), please shorten it as reasonably as you can.

    * If you are making a duplicate character (ex. a second Harry Potter) or a character with the same name as one from another work (ex. Tweedledee from Alice in Wonderland and Tweedledee from Kiddy Grade), the duplicate or additional characters will need to alter their username in some fashion. Examples might be Tweedledee for the original user, and Tweedle-Dee for the second; or Harry Potter for the original user, and Harry Potter [2] for the second.

Post your application, then work on the mini profile while we review the character.

Additional character accounts may be linked as sub-accounts. Ask a staff member if you aren't sure how to do this.

We ask that at least 5 posts be made with your very first character before you make your second. You may go ahead and claim that character. However, we can't accept the character until the posts have been made.

Faces & Claims

Unless you are reserving a character or face, do not make your claims before you are accepted.

Post all claims in the claiming thread. Be sure to use code tags. A staff member will put the claims in the correct threads and delete your post when finished. See the claiming thread for specific claiming information.

Images for novel characters (that is, non-comic characters) may come from book covers, film adaptations, or simply a face you think matches well - as long as you can tell us who the play-bys are. The same is true for non-animated creatures.

For animated characters and creatures, read the claiming thread and the 2nd character concept FAQ question. This is absolutely crucial for face claims, avatars, and game play.

Duplicate play-bys are allowed for multiple copies of books. They are also allowed if they are pulled from different decades. (Ex: Johnny Depp from the 80s and Johnny Depp from 2012.) Again, please see the claiming thread for further details.

Shipper App & Reply Codes

Here on Shelf Space, we have a shipper app. Accepted applications are sorted by group.

We have no plotting forum. Instead, use the shipper reply code and post your plot ideas directly into the application threads of the characters you want to plot with.

When replying to a shipper plot post, respond in each character's respective application threads. Do not respond in your application thread. Click the link beneath the character names in the shipper replies to get to the app threads.

Dates for Posts

We are a real-time site, meaning the day you post a thread is the day that it takes place on. Due to vacations or life events, it's permissible to specify that a thread actually takes place roughly a week before or after the date of posting. If you do this, specify the date in the first post.

However, it is strongly recommended that you keep threads to the current date. We may have an event planned that could alter the content of your already-finished future thread.

Please mark all threads with a date. Anywhere is fine - tag line, inside a post template, at the top or bottom in a quote tag. Because of timezone differences, this helps us get a clear view of when a thread happens.

Please note that event threads may require different dating rules. An event that takes place during a single day will require a time stamp. (ex: Dec. 31 @ 11:43 PM)

Content & Images

Posts on this site should stick within the PG-13 area. This includes text and images. No nudes, no shirtless images, no scantily clad people. Multiple violations of this rule will result in being banned. Click the rating posted earlier for more details.

If you wish to roleplay mature content, please take it off site, not to the site's private message system.

No hot-linking. Please re-host your images.

Max image width: 450px
App image: 350x200
Avatar: 250x400
GIF: 150x150

Be sure to read up on spoilers.


There is no posting requirement, though we do recommend that members try and get a post or two out a week. If life is going to keep you away for a while, however, please let us know in the Absence thread.

Our simple activity checks will occur seasonally. Just reply with a list of which characters you'd care to keep around. Afterward, the remaining characters will be made inactive. Read the specific rules in the activity check when it is posted.

At any point, you can request a character be made active or inactive. (Here.) However, please do not continually retire characters simply to make new ones. Members found doing this risk being banned.

Repetitive inactivity from a member will, unfortunately, result in a permanent ban on the member. We understand that life gets busy and you have to disappear for a while, to return when life has calmed down again. However, other players rely on you and your characters. It is unfair and, indeed, cruel to them to promise threads or characters only to continually disappear on them. They cannot and should not be expected to put their characters and plots on hold indefinitely. Therefore, if a member makes a habit of committing and disappearing, they will be banned.


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