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 Another Talk
Sodapop Curtis
 Posted: May 28 2018, 11:56 PM
by: Brock
Soda never touches a drop—he doesn‘t have to. He gets drunk on just plain living. And he understands everybody.

A while back, Darry had found Soda in the non-fiction section. He had been well worried because Soda was talking with a soldier, but, thankfully, Darry had never pressed that line of conversation. There was enough going on with Johnny, even if he had calmed down some after months without seeing the Headless Horseman. Soda didn't want to add to any of their gang's daily stress with needless concern over something that wasn't really anything at all.

However, during some of his free time over the last number of months, Soda had returned to the non-fiction section, right to the very book he had entered the day Darry found him with the soldier. Soda and the man had agreed that first day to meet again on the following Sunday to talk, and they had. Ever since, they had kept up a monthly or bi-monthly meeting, depending on what Soda's gang obligations were. Soda had appreciated it, and he had learned a lot, not only about the man's book and the man but about himself.

Their next regular meeting was upon them, and Soda left his own book with little concern about being followed. Keeping as far away from the other gangs as possible, he went to the non-fiction section and climbed the shelving until he reached the soldier's book. Waiting for him, as reliable as ever, was the soldier. Soda greeted him with a handshake and his classic grin, and they began another conversation.

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